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After a failed bodyguarding assignment, the last thing Presley West wants is to save a damsel in distress, but the spunky woman he finds standing on the side of the interstate in the pouring rain brings out his protective instincts.

Amber Barlow ran from the clutches of a demon, and into the arms of an angel. But the closer she gets to her guardian cowboy, the more her fear grows, because a gentleman like Presley could never want a woman with a past as soiled as hers.

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

The print versions of the relaunched Cook County books are now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc, but beware of third parties on Amazon using automated systems to sale them higher than they are. The legit price is $9.99 USD each. Be sure to always check prices on print books sold on Amazon because these third party sellers tend to show as the first option and you should never pay more than the actual sale price of any book!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

This morning I had the pleasure of waking up to my very first review received after rewriting and relaunching my Cook County series under this name. And despite the actual nightmares I had of waking up to over 100 1-star reviews (We authors are a weird breed. 1-star reviews on release day is what we actually have bad dreams about. haha!) ... it was a 5-star! And a pretty nice one if I do say so myself.


Posting here so I'll always remember my first review as Shylyn Ray. :)

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