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Shylyn Ray

Author of contemporary romance full of love, action, and laughs.


Shylyn Ray’s Latest Releases

"Good things come to those who wait and this story proves it with an emotional punch that made me melt from sheer joy."


"I want a guardian cowboy!!

What a great story!! Who isn't a sucker for kind hearted cowboy?! I loved this story and the fact that a victim can get help and start over and not be judged for past issues some out of your control is wonderful and I think stories like these can give a person hope that you can stand tall and take back your life and even find love when you need it most." 

Goodreads Reviewer

"Shylyn Ray writes underdog heroes flawlessly. I loved this book so much! Chance and Kenzie practically leapt off the page. The story is thoroughly entertaining and I can't wait to dive into the next one!"

Amber Leigh Williams, author of His Rebel Heart


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